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Posted by HydroponicsWizard On February - 4 - 2011

Hydroponics Phillipines

News from the Philippines shows once again that the future of hydroponics and aquaponics is certainly burning bright. Increasingly news is reaching us here at the Hydroponics Guide of various projects taking place around the world that show the current popularity of hydroponics and also its viability as a food production solution.

Butuan City, a city with prospects, is to play host to a new aquaponics./hydroponics project. The project is hoping to set up a modern and highly capable resource for the cultivation of plant produce as well as seafood. The project will be bankrolled by Greenphil Aquaculture and Hydroponics Holding Inc, who w

ill invest millions of dollars with the support of foreign investment groups. According to reports there will be a joint management element that will provide the local government and private sector companies with a small economic dividend.

The project is anything but small scale however, with Greenphil committed to creating a production line for high quality seafood predominantly for the export market and a range of fruits and vegetables. As regular readers will be aware, aquaponics is based upon the symbiotic relationship between fish and plants, in which the plants are fed by the waste products of the fish and the fish are fed using special foods and also waste plant matter. The result of such systems is produce of exceptional quality and also healthy, sustainable farmed fish.

The Butuan City project is just one of eight projects that will be built in the Philippines over the next few years that will bring employment and a lucrative export industry to the country, once again demonstrating the viability of aquaponics and hydroponics as food production methods.

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  1. Mariatheresameniano says:

    As the world’s population grows and the seemingly vast tract of lands are turned into structures in different areas therefore agriculture and even fisheries are affected and it is soaring problem to our future generations. With the implementations of Aqua-culture and Hydroponics, I think this will help the shortage of demands of sea/freshfoods products and vegetables, and of course to be the answer of supplying the nation for the basic needs of every family which will cater job generation, revenues, and of course influx of businessmen and tourists to the Philippines.
    Mabuhay Pinoy 2011 onwards!

  2. Good to know Butuan City as player host to a new aquaponics./hydroponics project.

  3. ales nive says:

    This one is very nice and grate post of introduce hydroponics features.This one is also grate information of popularity of hydroponic system and it’s production solution.I like this grate post.


  4. Ron says:

    i am looking to do something like this, but on a SMALLER scale to begin. Are there problems if i drop a few steps, and place the seed directly into the end grow size floating bed?
    would save time, labor and space requirements? thanks

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