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Posted by TheDuke On October - 27 - 2010

London Hydroponics

The centre of London is the last place you would expect to see a farm but that is just what is happening. London has received its first indoor inner-city farm shop that is cultivating its produce right in the shop premises. Located in Dalston the farm is housed in a disused shop.

The farm itself is selling a plethora of different products including mushrooms and even fish and prawns in a system of tanks. In fact there are even livestock; chicken, kept on a rooftop coop that majestically views the hustle and bustle all around and even pig sties in a garden. We are also glad to report that the farm is using a range of different hydroponic and aeroponics methods to grow crops for retail.

The shop will also be using aquaponics, the system of cultivating both fish and plants in a symbiotic relationship. Apparently the system they have created is capable of producing around thirty kilos of salad plants and 10 kilos of fish and prawns in just one week. The symbiotic nature of aquaponics should ensure that the shop will have a ready supply with little nutrient investment into the system.

The FARM:shop project is the work of Something & Son an eco design company and has been created as an experiment to test the viability of producing and selling such fresh project in a heavily populated urban area. The FARM:shop is open this Friday and will be offering tours to interested in the project throughout November.

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